Exam Training

The examinations of the German Goethe Institute are internationally recognized and you can take these examinations at levels A1 to C2 at Goethe Institutes worldwide.

As certified examiners of these exams, we prepare you specifically for the exam for which you are planning to register.

In our workshop, you will receive an introduction to the structure of the exam and you get the opportunity to take a mock exam. At the end of the workshop, you will of course receive the result of your “exam”.

In our more intensive preparation course, you will receive a detailed description of the exam parts with hints, tips and strategies. In addition, you will train all examination parts and skills in order to be optimally prepared for the examination.

Course scope

Workshop: B1/B2 level – 8 lessons

Course Format

Inhouse trainings or online in one of our virtual classrooms


8 lessons

Intensive Preparation Course:
16 lessons +
16 lessons of self study

One lesson is 45 minutes long.

number of participants

maximum 2 participants per group


The Goethe exams on level A1 up to C2 consist of 4 components: reading, listening, writing and speaking, all 4 parts will be introduced and practised in our training.

Since the Goethe examinations are modular, you may even only need to train one or two of the examination parts.

Before you start your course

We would like to get to know you and and find out about your level of German in order to give advise about the exams.