Intensive German Courses

With this type of German course we can offer you the ideal type of training for your employees who need to improve their knowledge of German in a short time in a tailor-made language training.

Our Intensiv courses are a made-to-measure training because it takes your daily language needs into consideration, regardless whether you have to give a presentation, negotiate with a customer or simply have to have a small talk with your business partner.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers will perform the training. The course is tailored to your needs and the dedicated and motivated teachers makes it a living teaching, in which both practical orientation and communication will be the focus.

Course scope

Packages comprise 40 lessons

Course Format

Inhouse trainings or online in one of our virtual classrooms


One week or more
3 lessons + 1 hour of self study or
6 lessons + 2 hours of self study

One lesson is 45 minutes long.

number of participants

maximum 2 participants per group

Course situation


Depending on your needs, the training can focus for example on the following topics:

Every day situations in German * Negotiations * Presentations * Moderation of meetings and discussions * Telephone training * Communication in business related situations * Introduction into the German business and corporate culture

Before you start your course

We would like to get to know you and your company. In a non-biding first interview, we would like to find out about your professional needs, your learning objectives, and in an assessment test, we will find out about your language level. With this we can offer you a high quality language training programme.